POLSH 403 A: First-Year Polish

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MTWThF 11:30-12:20
SMI 109

Polish 403 is the third class in a three-quarter sequence of first-year (beginning) Polish. At the completion of the sequence, the students should be able to be creative with the language at the sentence level, handle basic everyday life situations, read simple connected texts dealing with basic personal and social needs, write short letters, postcards, take down simple notes (e.g., phone messages), etc. The goal is to move from Novice to Novice High/Intermediate Low on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale. There are field trips to the Polish Hall, the Polish store, and the Polish Film Festival. There are also opportunities to volunteer at UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee events. Prerequisites: POLSH 402 or permission of instructor

Please note that first-year and second-year Polish language courses are taught in alternate years.
Second-year Polish will be offered Fall 2011.

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Focuses on oral communication in basic everyday life situations, sentence level grammar, reading simple connected tests, and writing simple letters and notes. Conducted mostly in Polish, to help enable students to move from novice to intermediate low/mid- level on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale. Third in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: POLSH 402. Offered: Sp.

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