RUSS 103 D: First-Year Russian

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MTWTh 5:30pm - 6:50pm
SMI 305
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Shosh Westen

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During this course students will learn the basic skills necessary for communicating in Russian (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). Students will also learn about the Russian culture and increase their ability to use effective strategies for language learning and communication. In addition to becoming proficient speakers of Russian, students taking this course will become skilled language learners as they develop a curiosity about Slavic cultures. Prerequisite: RUSS 102 or permission of instructor

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Introduction to Russian. Emphasis on oral communication with limited vocabulary. Short readings and writing exercises. Basic grammar. Conducted mostly in Russian. Third in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in RUSS 102. Offered: Sp.
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