SLAV 550 A: Synchronic Slavic Linguistics

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MTWThF 12:30-13:20
SIG 227

The major goal of the course is to improve the student’s understanding of the building blocks of Russian. We briefly look at different approaches to description of the language, but the primary approach is descriptive. This course examines: 1) The phonetics of standard literary Russian in contrast to the major geographical divisions as well as pronunciation in various social stratifications, 2) the phonological system of Russian including both automatic alternations and morphophonemic ones, 3) the morphology of the language with special attention to word derivation and the influence of Old Church Slavonic and other languages on the modern lexicon. There is a midterm, a final and a written project. The textbooks may vary depending on their availability. Prerequisites: RUSS 303 & LING 200.Cross-listed with RUSS 451

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Linguistic analysis of the phonology, morphology, and syntax of Russian and other Slavic languages. Investigation of current theoretical work in these areas.

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