SLAV 551: The Introduction To The Study Of Slavic Languages

History of the Slavic Languages
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M W 13:30-15:20
SMI 105
History of Slavic languages from Indo-European to present time, including development of writing systems and national languages. Principles of historical linguistics: sound change, analogy, semantic change, as well as relevance of historical linguistics to our knowledge of human development, ancestral culture, etc. Prerequisite: either SLAV 110, LING 200, or LING 400.

Introduction to the history of Slavic languages from the beginnings to the present time, including sound changes, morphology, vocabulary and the development of writing systems. Cross-listed with SLAV 351
Please note: students wishing to take this course in Spring 2011 or after will need the newly required pre-req: LING 200, or permission of the instructor.


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