POLSH 320 A: Introduction To Contemporary Polish Culture

1000 Years of Polish History & Culture
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Individuals and Societies
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts
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M W 14:30-16:20
JHN 175

History of Poland from its beginning to the present. The medieval Polish Kingdom, growth and decline of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The
phenomenon of noble democracy, religious tolerance. Partitions, 19th century uprisings. Poland in the 20th century: regaining independence, interwar
period, the Second World War and Soviet domination 1945-1989. Post communist Poland.

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Overview of contemporary Polish culture: literature (prose, poetry, and drama), film (feature, documentary, and video art), music (classical, jazz, and rock), theatre, art, and architecture, as well as an introduction to the cultural life in Poland in the twenty-first century. Offered: AW.

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