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Juliana & PAVA featuring Alexey Nikolaev

Saturday, May 21, 2011 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Kirkland Performance Center

Juliana & PAVA is one of the most authentic vocal Russian folk ensembles
outside of Russia. The singers perform ancient Russian songs collected from
Russian villages where they existed for centuries, carried on from
generation to generation only by the oral tradition. Juliana & PAVA's new
project "Russian beauty in songs: a bridge from the past" is a fusion of
authentic songs and saxophone improvisations. This is a vocal, instrumental
and theatrical performance portraying women?s life in Russian villages in
the past and showing that the songs, although seemingly exotic for the
Western world, reflect emotions that are common between the people of
different countries and generations.

Alexey Nikolaev is a world-renowned saxophone player. After graduating from
Russia's most prestigious music school - Gnesin's Music Academy in Moscow,
Alexey moved to the United States where he performs at festivals in the
United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia earning critical acclaim and the
admiration of numerous audiences. He has played with Dave Liebman, Benny
Golson, Wynton Marsalis, Randy Brecker, Ray Brown, Curtis Fuller, and many
others. In 2008, the San Francisco Times called Alexey's performance "a
marvel of virtuosity." Alexey currently resides in Seattle where he combines
an active performing career with studio work and shares his talents with
students at Central Washington University.

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KPC box office.

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