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"The Convoy," Russian film, SIFF

Sunday, May 27, 2012 - 9:00pm to 10:30pm
AMC Pacific Place 11

In this hard-hitting, gritty portrait of the police and army in today’s Russia, the traumatized Captain Ignat, played flawlessly by Oleg Vasilkov, is ordered to find some missing money and to bring back a deserter and hand him over to a military court. Ignat travels with a Sergeant who’s looking to party during their 24 hours in Moscow. They find the deserter (Azamat Nigmanov), who uses humor to disguise his mortal fear of being handed over to the military. A Mafia boss looking for revenge sidetracks the trio briefly and they enter into a lair of violence. Captain Ignat is an uncompromisingly tough guy, but what is the reason for his sudden fainting spells? Part suspense drama and part crime story, The Convoy, produced by Pavel Lungin, digs deep into the psychology of a damaged human being whose journey across wintry Moscow is both a nightmare and a lesson in tolerance and forgiveness. In his third feature, socially minded director Alexey Mizgirev graphically portrays a world of power and subjugation that, in the final analysis, makes a profound statement about the perilous nature of rage.