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"The House," Slovak film, SIFF

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 8:30pm to 10:00pm
Harvard Exit

Small in scale yet perfectly proportioned in tone, pace, and character development, this contemporary family drama marks talented Slovak writer/director Zuzana Liová’s impressive debut. Within the setting of a remote Slovak village, a stubborn patriarch is in conflict with his rebellious offspring. Ambitious teen Eva, about to graduate from high school, is prone to taking romantic risks and eager to forsake her bleak hometown for glamorous London. Meanwhile, her dour, controlling father is painstakingly building her a house on the family property—his modest effort to quietly hold onto his family. After Eva meets a handsome new neighbor, she is tempted, like her now-disowned older sister before her, to leave the family nest sooner than later. Liova’s tightly constructed viewpoint makes meaningful looks and repeated gestures speak louder than words about expectations and desires. Remarkable for its depth of characterization, this is a sensitively observed realist tale of generational conflict.