The Modern Bulgarian Language in Local and Global Context

Maya Vlahova-Angelova and Angel G. Angelov
Sunday, February 9, 2014 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
CMU 120

Maya Vlahova-Angelova will present results from a field study on contemporary street names in the city of Sofia. This research reveals how citizens of Bulgarian capital evaluate the names in urban space. Special attention is paid to street name changes, which are indicators for political and cultural transformations. Analysis shows that these changes are accepted very emotionally by language users. Today’s street names in the city of Sofia present an internal dialog of democracy in the Bulgarian society, characteristic of contemporary linguistic situation in Bulgaria.

Angel G. Angelov will describe the impact of the process of globalization on the Bulgarian language and the substitution of local values by global ones. The English language as a contemporary lingua franca (universal code for international communication) influences not only the Bulgarian language, but even macro-languages like French and German. In the case of Bulgarian, we have replacement in the system of the proper names and borrowing of phrases and expressions from International English. In addition, the tremendous development of new technologies requires frequent use of technical terms and produces some difficulties (mostly for the computational engineers) coming from the unique Bulgarian alphabet.

An off-campus reception will follow.

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