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Dragi Spasovski Jubilee Concert - 45 Years of Macedonian Folk Song Artistry

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 7:30pm
Ethnic Cultural Theatre
3940 Brooklyn Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105 - Google Map

Adults: $20
Seniors (65 and older) and Students: $15
Children (12 and younger): $10

Available online at or got to and search for "Dragi".

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Radio Skopje recording artist Dragi Spasovski celebrates 45 years of performing Macedonian folk songs in a special concert, accompanied by traditional and modern Macedonian folk instrument ensembles.

Dragi Spasovski was born in the small village of Studena Bara, near Kumanovo, only 25 km from Skopje. His family moved to Skopje when he was 4, and Skopje is the place where he made his first steps in exploring life, art, music and dancing. Influenced by his mother’s singing, mostly in their home, he found himself swept away by the folk spirit.

In 1966, encouraged by his mother, Rajna Spasovska, who was already recording for the Macedonian National Radio, he made his first attempt at professional singing. He had a trial recording with Radio Skopje’s Izvoren Orkestar. Singing became a very important part of his life, and he eventually completed over 100 songs for the National Radio of Macedonia.

Most of the songs Dragi has recorded he learned from his mother, “songs which were inside of me since I was a child, songs which I shared with myself and others. The song was, is, and will be a description of me, a picture of my soul.”

"After 45 years of being friends with the microphone, I'm still singing. The idea of having this jubilee came about because I always felt that there is someone inside of me who is always singing, someone who is my friend and knows me best, someone who knows when I am happy or sad, someone who knows how to comfort me and who provides the best company. For me, the best company has always been music."

For this concert, Dragi will be accompanied by talented Macedonian folk music enthusiasts from Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco. The concert will include music from three Macedonian folk music strands: modern instruments, urban songs from the čalgija tradition (Ottoman-influenced folk music), and izvoren songs, (traditional rural instruments).

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