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Creating a Slovene Literary Biography in English: Vladimir Bartol

Dr. Michael Biggins
Photo of Bartol
Friday, November 6, 2015 - 2:30pm
A216 Padelford

Only one book-length life and works biography of a Slovene writer has been written in English – Henry Cooper’s 1981 France Prešeren, about the short-lived poet-genius of the early 19th century who occupies a place in Slovene letters comparable to Pushkin’s in Russian. UW Slavic, Baltic and East European studies librarian and affiliate professor of Slavic languages Michael Biggins thinks it’s past time to claim a place in the Anglo-American literary historical imagination for other remarkable Slovene writers, beginning with Vladimir Bartol (1903-1967), whose life and work will add a new dimension to our received image of literary Trieste (Joyce, Svevo, Saba), Slovene literary modernism, and Yugoslav-Slovene cultural life over five decades. Dr. Biggins will share highlights of discoveries from his three months’ research in archives and on site this past summer, and outline the next steps in assembling the critical mass of source material needed to complete the biography.

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