Documentary Rumenye, Rumenye!

Poster about screening of documentary Rumenye, Rumenye!
Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 5:30pm
Suzzallo/Allen Library, Allen Auditorium

Radu Gabrea, the Romanian documentarist who dedicated most of his documentaries to the Jewish community in Romania, will be present to the screening of Rumenye, Rumenye! on November 19, at 5.30 in Paul Allen Auditorium. He will answer questions and talk about his research after the screening.

This documentary  retraces the inseparable connection between Jewish, Romani (Gypsy) and Romanian culture, through Klezmer music. Lesser-known crossings, such as between Romanian old melancholic tunes (doina) and the so-called Jewish Blues, are artfully brought to our attention by a team of world-renowned experts. Gabrea collaborated with American musicians and ethnomusicologists Yale Strom, Elisabeth Schwartz, Andy Statman, among many others.

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