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Department Faculty Meeting

Friday, October 7, 2016 - 2:30pm
A216 Padelford

Slavic Department Faculty Meeting 10/7/2016



Annual Votes:

Delegation of authority for part-time hires to the chair

Retention policy


Update from the chairs’ meeting


Discussion items:

Departmental 10year review

Russian teaching Endorsement (Chris)

File sharing options (Chris)

Crosslisting with History (email 8/5)

Withering with Reecas (8/25)

Placement exams (Eloise)

-how often/when to retake

-different versions

-redoing the current ones

Veronica’s class for summer


2017/18 Lit course planning meeting


Committee Assignments for 2016/17:


Graduate Affairs: Jose, Barbara, Galya

Vadim Pahn Scholarship: Valentina, Bojan, Zoya

Excellence Prizes: James, Michael, Goga

50 year Celebration Committee ???




October 7, 4:30pm, Padelford A216, Departmental Open House

October 8, 10am-6pm Communications 120 and 204, Festival of Slovene-American Culture

October 15, 10:30-3:00pm Graduate Program Retreat, Center for Urban Horticulture

October 25, 7:00pm, Thomson 101 Agata Zubel, Are Lyrics the Music Yet? (reception to follow)

November 15, 7pm, Tomson 101, Tomasz Lysak, From Newsreel to Post-traumatic Film

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