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Faculty Meeting

Friday, January 13, 2017 - 2:30pm
A216 Padelford



Slavic Department Faculty Meeting 1/13/2017


Update from the chairs’ meeting (Kat)

Vote on reappointment of adjuncts and affiliates (Kat)

Report on the appeal letter response (Kat, Chris)

Update on graduate applications (Chris, Jose)

Asbestos (Goga, Chris)

Gene Lemcio’s proposal

Maslenitsa Timing (Chris/Eloise)

Alvord Fellowship/Humanities Scholarships (Chris/Eloise)

Fall 2017 schedule 

Brainstorming the celebration

Brainstorming the UG program


Upcoming events:

1/23, 3:30 HUB 332 Robert Greenberg, Muslim Slavs in the Western Balkans; Challenges to Language and Identity

1/28 Graduate Planning retreat

2/15-3/1 They Risked Their Lives: Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust exhibit at the Allen Library

2/15, 7:00 p.m. CMU 120 Panel Discussion

8:00 p.m. Official Opening at the Library

2/24 Maslenitsa

2/24 , 6:30 Maria Lipman, 2017, The Year that Should Shed Light on Both Russia’s Past and Future

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