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Award-Winning Slovene novelist Katarina Marinčič reading from her work in English translation

Katarina Marinčič
Katarina Marincic
Friday, October 12, 2018 - 2:30pm
Denny Hall room 159

Winner of the Kresnik Prize for best Slovene novel of the year (2002, for The Hidden Harmony), the Critical Sifter Award for best Slovene novel of the year (2015, for In Their Own Words), and the 2007 Fabula Prize for best Slovenian short fiction during the two-year period of 2005-2006 (for her collection Three), Katarina Marinčič is one of Slovenia's leading prose fiction writers.  As a highly-regarded professor of French literature at the University of Ljubljana, she will be visiting UW in October 2018 as a participant in the UW-University of Ljubljana Scholars Exchange, collaborating with her colleagues in UW's Department of French and Italian.

Prof. Marinčič will read excerpts from the English translation of her book O treh (Three).  Her reading will be followed by an interview with her in English about her writing, the importance of literary translation and the aspirations of small national literatures in the world, as well as audience Q&A.

Free and open to the public