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Ukrainian Folk Music performance and lecture

Jurij Fedynskyj
Friday, November 30, 2018 - 6:30pm
Thomson 101

'Ukrainian folk musician Jurij Fedynskyj‎ is going to visit our rainy Seattle and present his project "Kobzaring the New World". Jurij, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, has spent the past fifteen years in Ukraine, researching the original bandura, kobza, and torban. From studying authentic construction, to researching archaic repertoire, to mastering traditional playing manner and technique, the initial stages of reconstruction have taken place. Now it's time to share that wealth of musical culture to the North American diaspora. Jurij will be "kobzaring" in a similar fashion as the traditional, blind kobzars would have. The kobzars were not concert artists as most bandurists today are. They had their own unique philosophy of how to spread their word, to those who needed to hear it. He will be presenting these three musical and cultural treasures through lecture and demonstration. Jurij Fedynskyj‎ also will share his experiences in living in Ukraine as a cultural pioneer, working with ensembles such as Haydamaky, Karpatiyany, Khoreya Kozatska, and Drevo; as well as creating the Poltava Kobzar Guild, and festival "Drevo Rodu Kobzarskoho

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