Title Date Time Location
Ukraine Workshop at "Religious Literacy for Diplomats: A Curriculum Workshop"
Eugene Lemcio
Jun 2 9:45am Smith Room, Suzzallo Library


Title Date Time
Between East & West: Identity, Opportunity & Security in the Post-Communist World May 2


Title Date Time Location
Slavic Linguistics Society Conference Sep 19 to Sep 21 12:30pm to 5:00pm Walter Chapin Simpson Center for Humanities
Creative Diaspora: Émigré Composers from the Former USSR Mar 22 to Mar 23 9:00am to 5:00pm Benaroya Hall


Title Date Time Location
2013 SVU Conference - Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences - "Czechs, Slovaks, and North America: Destination, Example, Opportunity" Aug 30 to Sep 1 2:00pm to 12:30pm University of Washington
19th Annual Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Northwest Conference Apr 27


Title Date Time
17th Annual Northwest Regional Conference for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Apr 16