Title Date Time Location
Ukrainian Folk Music performance and lecture
Jurij Fedynskyj
Nov 30 6:30pm Thomson 101
Lecture on Leonid Yuzefovich’s Horsemen of the Sands
Marian Schwartz
Oct 15 3:30pm CMU 120
Award-Winning Slovene novelist Katarina Marinčič reading from her work in English translation
Katarina Marinčič
Oct 12 2:30pm Denny Hall room 159
Slavic Graduate Colloquium: "Carpatho-Rusyns: The People 'From Nowhere'"
Patricia Krafcik
May 18 2:30pm Padelford A216
Slavic Department 50th anniversary Celebration
Douglas Smith
May 11 6:00pm Kane Hall room 210 (Lecture) and Walker Ames room (reception)
I Alone Can FIx It: Tales from the New Dystopia
Gary Shteyngart
May 9 7:00pm Kane Hall 120
Failure is an Option: Immigration, Memory, and the Russian Jewish Experience with Gary Shteyngart
Gary Shteyngart
May 7 7:00pm Kane Hall 120
Slavic Graduate Colloquium: "The Enemy Within: Witchcraft Beliefs in Western Slovakia"
Dr. Tatiana Bužeková
May 4 2:30pm Padelford A216
On Tyranny with Timothy Snyder
Timothy Snyder
Apr 26 7:30pm Kane Hall Room 220
Slavic Graduate Colloquium: "Censorship and Translation: American Prose in Soviet Ukraine in the 1960-1980s"
Oksana Zubchenko
Apr 13 2:30pm Padelford A216
UWPSEC Dinner and Fundraiser Mar 17 5:30pm University of Washington Club
Civil Society vs. War and Politics in Ukraine
Yurly Didula, Maryana Kashchak & Soflya Kovach
Mar 9 1:00pm UW School of Law Room 118
Lost Kingdom: Ukraine and the Search for Russian Borders
Dr. Serhii Plokhii
Mar 2 1:00pm Allen Library Auditorium
After the Institution: Experiences of People with Disabilities in Russian Cities
Andrea Mazzarino
Feb 23 12:00pm The D center (Mary Gates Hall 024)
 Prof Kat Dziwirek to give a talk at Linguistics Colloquium
Katarzyna Dziwirek
Feb 16 3:30pm Paccar 291


Title Date Time Location
Gloomy or Glam?  New Polish Cinema and Photography Nov 29 7:00pm Thomson Hall Room 101
Life in the 
US Ambassador to Turkmenistan Allan Mustard
Nov 20 1:30pm UW HUB 238
Slavic Grad Colloquium Nov 17 2:30pm Padelford A216
Emil Ferris at the University of Washington
Emil Ferris
Nov 6 4:00pm Odegaard 220
On Love and Books Nov 2 7:00pm Frye Art Museum
The City Fountain in Ljubljana:An Echo of Roman Fountains by a Venetian Sculptor in a Habsburg Town
Matej Klemenčič, Professor of Art History, University of Ljubljana
May 31 4:30pm Art Building Room 120
The Art of Losing: Polish Poetry and Translation
Clare Cavanagh
May 18 7:00pm CMU 120
Dance on Gloving Embers: Nestinarstvo Ritual and Fire-Walking Practices in Bulgaria
Dr. Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg
May 18 5:30pm Communications 202
Russian Architectural Heritage May 6 2:00pm Odegaard Undergraduate Library
Five Primary Elements of War or the Evolution of Dictatorship
Daria Marchenko and Daniel Greene
Apr 24 4:00pm Allen Library Auditorium
 Ellison Memorial Lecture: 2017, The Year that Should Shed Light on Both Russia's Past and Future
Maria Lipman
Feb 24 6:00pm Kane Hall 225
Grad Student Colloquium:  Touching Matters: Metaphorical Extensions of dotknąć and touch". 
Katarzyna Dziwirek
Feb 24 2:30pm Padelford A216
Graduate Colloquium  *** Please note date has changed***
Cyrus Rodgers
Feb 10 2:30pm Padelford A216
US-Russia Relations in the Era of Donald Trump
Andrei Kozyrev
Jan 30 2:00pm Suzallo Library: Smith Room 324
"Muslim Slavs in the Western Balkans: Challenges to Language and Identity"
Robert Greenberg
Jan 23 3:30pm HUB 332
Slavic Graduate Colloquium
Nathan Marks
Jan 6 2:30pm Padelford A216


Title Date Time Location
Jezik in medkulturnost Šalamunove poezije = Language and Intercultural Contexts in the Poetry of Tomaž Šalamun 
Vesna Mikolič
Dec 15 3:30pm Padelford A-216
Roundtable Discussion on the New Romanian Cinema
Monica Filimon
Nov 17 6:00pm Thomson Hall 317
Trump, Putin, and Russia:  What's that all about
Carol J. Williams
Nov 1 6:30pm Thomson Hall 101
Are Lyrics the Music Yet? 
Agata Zubel
Oct 25 7:00pm Thompson Hall Room 101
Russian Film 
Valentina Zaitseva
Oct 14 5:00pm Savery 131
A Celebration of Newcomers, with Michael Biggins & Gabriel Sanders
Michael Biggins
Jul 21 7:00pm Community Bookstore
Michael Biggins discussion of his most recent translation, Lojze Kovacic's Newcomers
Michael Biggins
Jul 20 1:00pm Pickford Theater (3rd floor, James Madison Building), U.S. Library of Congress


Title Date Time Location
Designing Tito's Capital: Urban Planning, Modernism, and Socialism in Belgrade
Brigitte Le Normand, University of British Columbia Okanagan
Dec 2 1:30pm THO 317
The Mikoyan Mini-Hamburger, or How the Socialist Realist Novel About the Soviet Meat Industry Was Created
Professor Ron LeBlanc
Nov 18 3:30pm THO 135
The Controversies Surrounding Polish Youth Magazines
Piotr Nowakowski, Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski
Nov 10 2:30pm A216 Padelford
Authenticity, Complaint, and the 'Russianness' of American Jewish Literature
Gabriella Safran, Stanford University
Nov 2 3:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities
Privatization’s Plot: The Neglected Story of Enterprise Land in Russia
Professor William Pyle, Dept. of Economics, Middlebury College
Oct 28 2:30pm to 3:30pm THO 317
The End of Bourgeois Emotion: Animal Selves in Early Soviet Culture, 1917-1930
Maria I. Kisel
Oct 23 2:30pm A216 Padelford
The Non-Universality of Metaphorical Extensions of smell: Lexical Semantics and Cultural Values
Professor Katarzyna Dziwirek
Oct 16 3:30pm 301 Miller Hall
Lexical Conflict: The Difficulties of Establishing Lexical Equivalence
Professor Danko Sipka, Arizona State University
Jun 4 3:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities
American Realism and Soviet Propaganda in Poster Art
Dr. Izabela Gabrielson
May 14 7:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities
Female Spring Practices
Dr. Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg
Apr 2 5:30pm
Polish Folk Dances and Costumes
Beata Gallaher
Feb 6 6:30pm Polish Cultural Center
Bulgarian Traditional Calendar: Man's Winter Dance Practices
Dr. Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg
Jan 30 5:00pm Simpson Center for the Humanities


Title Date Time Location
John Paul II's Pilgrimage to Poland in June 1979: How Poland's Communists Interpreted It
Professor James Felak, Department of History
Oct 22 7:30pm Kane Hall, Walker-Ames Room
Sorokin's Cuisine
Professor Dirk Uffelman, Universitat Passau
Sep 29 3:30pm Allen Auditorium, Suzzallo Library
Disability in Post-Soviet Russian Cinema
Jose Alaniz
May 28 12:00pm 408 Savery
Language between linguistics and politics: The case of Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian
Professor Vesna Požgaj Hadži (University of Ljubljana)
May 23 3:30pm Miller 301
Femmes Fatales figures in late 19th and early 20th century Western art
Agnieszka Taborska
May 1 7:00pm Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall
Military Security of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland
Glen Grant, Adjunct Faculty at the Center for Civil-Military Relations
Apr 23 7:00pm 264 Savery Hall
Masters and Servants: Upstairs and Downstairs in Vladimir Nabokov's Russian and English Writings
Professor Galya Diment, Thomas L. & Margo G. Wyckoff Endowed Faculty Fellow
Apr 16 3:30pm 120 COM
Komiks: Comic Art in Russia
Jose Alaniz
Apr 2 7:00pm The Elliott Bay Book Company
The Modern Bulgarian Language in Local and Global Context
Maya Vlahova-Angelova and Angel G. Angelov
Feb 9 12:00pm to 1:30pm CMU 120


Title Date Time Location
Polish Heritage, Aviation Career: Building Blocks for Life
Nicole Piasecki, VP and General Manager of the Propulsion Systems Division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Nov 6 7:30pm Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall
The State of Sociolinguistic Research in Bulgaria
Dr. Angel Angelov, Fulbright Lecture, UW Slavic Languages & Literatures
Oct 11 3:30pm Miller 301

This archive contains events prior to October 2018. For more recent events, please see our new Event Calendar.