Title Date Time Location
Pysanka Workshop Mar 29 6:30pm Communications 202/204
Graduate Colloquium "Workshop for Foreign Language and Culture Instructors:  Film in Teaching Language and Culture" Feb 9 2:30pm Padelford A216


Title Date Time Location
Language Major Career Panel
Language Major Career Panel
Feb 23 5:30pm Thomson Hall Room 125


Title Date Time Location
Ethnic Heritage Museum - Telling Our Stories  Nov 7 9:00am to 3:30pm Nordic Heritage Museum
Choosing Your Career Path
Jon Olivera
Oct 22 4:00pm A216 Padelford
Heritage Language Symposium Feb 21 9:00am to 3:00pm
Working with Heritage Learners Feb 20 7:00pm DEN 123
STARTALK Best Practices for Heritage Language Learners Feb 12 7:00pm DEN 123


Title Date Time Location
Workshop for first-year Russian instructors
Bojan Belić
Sep 24 1:00pm Slavic Conference Room