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The Slavic Department is excited to announce the topic for Polish 420, to be taught in Winter 2018 by our visiting Fulbright Scholar Justyna Budzik. The title is:  "Haunted images:  New Polish cinema and Photography" What haunts contemporary Polish filmmakers and photographers? What specters of the past and the lost futures of Poland may we encounter in their works? What are the newest discoveries and successful artistic projects? We will study musicals, thrillers, intimate family dramas,... Read more
Slavic Department Professor José Alaniz has published another movie review on the New Russian Cinema website "KinoKultura".   You can read it (in English) here
The Ohio State University SEEJ (Slavic and East European Journal) has launched the Slavic and East European Blog. They are currently soliciting submissions from graduate students and junior faculty of 500-1000 word essays, interviews and translations. They particularly encourage graduate students to use the blog to gain publishing experience. Blog posts will be SEEJ editor-reviewed and have the distinction of being featured on the... Read more
Kudos to Professor Galya Diment was one of the editors and wrote the forward for "Katherine Mansfield and Russia" which was recently published by Edinburgh press.  She also wrote an article for the publication.  
We are happy to let you know that a UW translation of “Entwives,” a 2014 sci-fi short story by Russian author Aleksei Lukyanov, is out in an online magazine B O D Y. The translators are our own José Alaniz, an associate professor and Veronica Muskheli, a graduate student at Slavic Languages and Literatures. The darkly humorous story verges on the macabre and raises difficult and timely questions of gender definitions and gender rights as they are entwined with issues of state and national... Read more
The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is pleased to announce the publication of David Bergelson's Judgment: A Novel co-translated and with the critical introduction by Sasha Senderovich, Assistant Professor in Slavic Languages and... Read more
Kevin recieved the UW PSEC Scholarship this past June and used this award to help fund a trip to Poland to further his study on the EU.  His essay on his trip is posted below.   UW PSEC Scholarship Report   June 10, 2017- July 13, 2017               The UW PSEC scholarship gave me the opportunity to travel to Poland for five weeks to develop my Polish language skills, perform surveys/interviews, access essential primary and secondary documents... Read more
The Slavic Department recently recieved the notice below and wanted to pass this along   I wanted to let you know about the launch of a brand-new podcast series. It talks about Polish culture in a format that’s never been done before, in a way that we know your students have been wanting to hear. We’ve been developing it for over a year, with a few sleepless nights along the way, and we’re finally ready to say that we think you might like it!   It’s called Stories From The Eastern West... Read more
Assistant Professor Sasha Senderovich has written an article in the local paper "The Stranger" about the iconic statue of Lenin located in the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont. This is a fascinating read that compares what it was like growing up in Russia, where Lenin was revered, to the irreverant way the statue is treated here... Read more
UKR Flyer
After a nearly 20 year hiatus the UW Slavic Department is proud to announce that it will be offering Ukrainian language instruction in the 2017-18 academic year!   Oksana Zubchenko will be joining us as a Fulbright FLTA scholar for the 2017-18 school year and she will be teaching the first year Ukrainian language series of classes, beginning with UKR 401 in the fall.  It will be held Mon-Friday from 9:30-10:20 in Padelford A216.  UKR 402 and 403 will follow in Winter and Spring respectively,... Read more