Advice from Alumni and Graduating Seniors

Advice from our alumni to current majors and minors

We recently asked our Slavic Department alumni what advice they would give our current students about making the most of their time at UW and on finding a job after graduation. A total of 28 alumni responded, sharing a total of 61 pages of incredibly thoughtful suggestions and detailed stories about their experiences during and after college. Click here to read their top eight pieces of advice for current majors, complete with quotes explaining why you should follow these tips!

There are other things you can do to optimize your degree:

  • Consider doing a double degree
  • Study abroad (and get involved in the community there)
  • Look for internships or research projects that match your interests
  • Participate to whatever extent possible in conferences and symposia
  • Attend faculty office hours
  • Work abroad
  • Volunteer
  • Join organizations
  • Attend social events related to your interests
  • Make a connection with someone in the community who is connected with your area of study¬†

Advice from graduating seniors

When graduating seniors were surveyed about what advice they would give to future majors, this is how they responded:

  • Do all your readings!
  • Memorize things and understand what you are memorizing early.
  • Work hard on classes and coursework.
  • Find a group of people to speak the language with regularly.
  • Participate in service learning or public service work.
  • Participate in UW clubs and organizations.
  • Seek out close relationships with faculty.
  • Study abroad.