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Examinations and Tests

Proficiency Test

Proficiency tests are intended for students wanting to:

To arrange to take the PolishRussian, or Ukrainian proficiency test, contact the OEA Testing Center to schedule a time to take the exam.  The Russian and Ukrainian tests consist only of what is given at the OEA Testing Center, whereas the Polish proficiency test has an additional oral component. If you take the written Polish proficiency test and score over 80%, contact Professor Katarzyna Dziwirek to schedule the oral portion.  

The department also offers proficiency testing in Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian (BCMS) and Romanian.  To arrange to take the BCMS exam, contact Bojan Belić To schedule a time to take the Romanian exam, contact Ileana Marin or Otilia Baraboi

PLEASE NOTE: Proficiency tests must be requested no later than the 5th week of the quarter in which you want to take the exam.  No proficiency tests are administered during the summer.

Placement Tests

Placement tests are intended for students who would like to continue studying a Slavic language at the UW, but do not know with which level of language they should begin.

The Russian placement test is an hour-long, written exam, and may only be taken one time by a student in any given year.  The test is administered in the department, and results are often available within one or two days.  Please e-mail the Slavic Department Adviser to set up a time to take the test.

Placement tests for Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian and Ukrainian may be arranged on an individual basis. Contact the Slavic Department Adviser for details.

PLEASE NOTE: NO CREDIT is given for placement tests. The placement test is solely a tool to gauge language level, and may not be used for any other purpose (i.e., in lieu of a proficiency exam).

Credit by Exam

The Slavic Department does not offer credit by exams for any language at this time.