Examinations and Tests

Proficiency Test

Proficiency tests are intended for students wanting to…

  • waive the one-year UW foreign language graduation requirement;
  • waive the UW foreign language admissions requirement (three years of high school foreign language or one quarter at the college/university level).

Proficiency tests consist of two parts taken in the following order: a written test and an oral test. Students may schedule the written part for any time of the year and may then contact the Department to schedule the oral test.

The oral portion of the Russian Proficiency Test will be administered during the first four weeks of autumn, winter, and spring quarters; results are available in the department at the end of each quarter.  It is not possible to take the oral portion of the test during summer quarter.

The oral test for all other Slavic languages is administered during the 3rd week of autumn, winter, and spring quarters; results are available in the OEA Testing Center at the end of each quarter.

To arrange to take the written Russian Proficiency Test, Polish Proficiency Test or Ukrainian Proficiency Test:

  • contact the OEA Testing Center [Schmitz Hall 440 or (206) 543-1171)] to schedule your written exam
  • pay the fee in cash or personal check (lower for UW students; higher if the results are to be sent to another institution) when you arrive at your testing appointment
  • after you have taken the written exam, contact the appropriate oral exam administrator via email.  (Please note that only those students who score over 80% on the written portion of the Polish Proficiency Test will be allowed to take the oral portion.)

To schedule the oral test in Polish, Russian or Ukrainian:

Proficiency tests for Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian and Czech may be arranged on an individual basis. Contact the Slavic Department for details.  Please note that no proficiency tests are administered during summer quarter.

Placement Tests

Placement tests are intended for students who wish to continue their study of a Slavic language at the UW but who are not certain which level of language they are most suited to begin with.

The Russian placement test is an hour-long, written exam which may be taken one time only by a student at any point during the year. Simply drop by the Slavic Department office and request a “Placement Test.” The test is administered in the department and results are often available the same day.

Please note that NO CREDIT is given for this exam. The placement test is a tool to gauge language level only and may not be used for any other purpose (i.e., in lieu of a proficiency exam).

Placement tests for Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, and Ukrainian may be arranged on an individual basis. Contact the Slavic Department for details.

Credit by Exam

Credit by exam is intended for current UW students demonstrating…

  • an intermediate to advanced level of language skill
  • a desire to establish their level of proficiency in a Slavic language while earning a maximum of 5 credits for it at the UW

This option is offered for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 406, Bulgarian 406, Polish 406, and Romanian 406.  The Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS) 406 and Polish 406 exams are not available during years when second-year BCS and/or Polish are being taught.

Please note that the Slavic Department offers the credit by exam option to UW students ONCE per each language the student wishes to challenge with credit by exam. The exam may not be retaken for the same language.

To schedule an examination:

  • pick up the forms from the Graduation and Academic Records Office (Schmitz Hall 264) during the first two weeks of autumn, winter, or spring quarter
  • complete the forms and have them signed by the Slavic Department instructor who will be grading them and by the Slavic Department administrator
  • return the forms to Schmitz Hall and pay the appropriate fee – approx. $25 per course.
  • schedule and take the written exam during the fifth week of the quarter at the Office of Educational Assessment Testing Center (Schmitz 440)
  • grades will be posted at the end of the quarter. Remember to schedule in advance!