Examinations and Tests

Proficiency Exams

Proficiency exams are only offered for students wanting to fulfill the first-year UW Foreign Language Requirement for graduation or seeking to remove a deficiency for the UW Foreign Language Admissions Requirement.

For information on how to take a proficiency exam, click on the language you would like to test in:

Placement Tests

Placement tests are intended for students who would like to continue studying a Slavic language at the UW, but do not know with which level of language they should begin.

The Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian placement tests are hour-long written exams and may only be taken one time by a student in any given year.  The test is administered online via Canvas, and results are typically available within a week.  Please e-mail slavoffice@uw.edu with your UW NetID for access to the placement test.

Placement tests for BCMS may be arranged on an individual basis. Contact Bojan Belić for details.

PLEASE NOTE: NO CREDIT is given for placement tests. The placement test is solely a tool to gauge language level, and may not be used for any other purpose (i.e., in lieu of a proficiency exam).

Credit by Exam

The Slavic Department does not offer credit by exams for any language.

Can non-UW classes be considered for UW credit?

The Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures stands ready to assess non-UW language, literature, and culture courses for which we have expertise in our department. In order to be considered for the department’s course credit, students will be expected to submit (1) syllabi for the courses taken outside the UW, (2) samples of class materials for such courses (e.g., notes, graded homework assignments, tests), and (3) a proof of the final assessment (overall course grade earned). Credit approval is at the discretion of the department.