Summer Language Intensives


Summer Quarter 2024: June 17 – August 16, 2024


Every summer the department offers first- and second-year intensive Russian language courses that are open to both UW students and non-UW students registering through the UW Summer Quarter.  These courses provide a complete year of language (15 credits) in only nine weeks, and have several advantages:

    • They enable undergraduates who begin their study of Russian after their freshman year to complete the four-year program in as little as two years and two summers (eight quarters).
    • They provide an opportunity for students from colleges and universities with limited offerings in Russian to learn the language.
    • They allow graduate students in any discipline whose research requires a knowledge of Russian to begin study of the language, or to continue it at an appropriate level.

The classes are typically taught in the morning from 8:30 am - 11:50am.  More information about the schedule and location may be found on the Summer Quarter Time Schedule.

In addition to the classes, the program includes many extracurricular activities such as films, language tables for conversation practice, singing, poetry readings, drama performances, and lectures on Slavic cultures. A number of recreational activities are also organized, depending on the interests of the student group.  In past years, these have included anything from hikes and bicycle rides to museum visits, concert outings, and even the culinary arts!

Summer 2024 enrollment begins in April!