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UW Policies and Regulations

      • Instructional Responsibility Policy: Governing policy for faculty regarding requirements for being physically present to fulfill instructional duties.
      • Disability Accommodation for Employees: Information about how to request accommodations for employees who are at high risk and/or have a condition that affects their ability to perform their job.
      • Regulatory Response Guidance: Information about how to appropriately respond to requests by government agency officials for information from data or documents in UW custody.

In an emergency always dial 911.  From campus phones the number is 9*911.

Slavic Safety Coordinator
(206) 543-6848

Padelford Safety Coordinator
Maria Francom, (206) 616-5302, francom@uw.edu

Facilities and Maintenance
(206) 685-1900

Custodial Services
(206) 685-1900