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Minors in Slavic Languages & Literatures

Our department offers three minor programs: Russian Language, Slavic Languages, and Russian and Slavic Literatures.

The minor programs serve as an excellent complement for those studying in fields ranging from business to political science, psychology to international studies.

Students who minor in these programs study with our nationally acclaimed faculty to develop insight into a complex region recognized for its international influence. They also benefit from our department’s close ties to the Jackson School of International Studies and local and global Slavic communities. By minoring, they enrich their education with an enhanced understanding of how people in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union experience the world.

Declaring a Minor

Students in good academic standing may declare one of the minors at any time by meeting with their major adviser. Please see Undergraduate Advising’s Minor page for additional considerations about earning a minor.

Minor Requirements by Program

Note: The University of Washington requires a minimum of 25 credits for a minor from all  students. Students who test out of Slavic Department language requirements MUST still complete 25 credits appropriate to their minor, selecting alternate courses with the assistance of the Slavic adviser.

Minor in Russian Language

  1. Completion of the third year of Russian language: RUSS 303 or higher***
  2. Complete at least 10 credits from the following:
    • RUSS 401: Fourth-Year Russian
    • RUSS 402: Fourth-Year Russian
    • RUSS 403: Fourth-Year Russian
    • RUSS 313: Business Russian
    • RUSS 314: Business Russian
    • RUSS 316: Extended Russian Through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
    • RUSS 451: Structure of Russian
    • RUSS 481: Russian Language in Russia
    • SLAVIC 110: Introduction to Slavic Linguistics: Slavs and Their Tongues
    • SLAVIC 210: Introduction to Bilingualism
    • SLAVIC 351: History of the Slavic Languages
    • SLAVIC 370: Special Topics in Slavic Linguistics
    • SLAVIC 425: Ways of Meaning: Universal and Culture Specific Aspects of Language
    • SLAVIC 426: Ways of Feeling: Expressions of Emotions Across Languages and Cultures
    • SLAVIC 470: Special Topics in Slavic Linguistics

Minor in Slavic Languages

  1. Completion of the second year or higher of ONE of the following East European languages:***

    • Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian 406
    • Bulgarian 406
    • Czech 406
    • Polish 406
    • Romanian 406
    • Slovene 406
    • Ukrainian 406
  2. SLAVIC 351: History of the Slavic Languages: Offered Spring Quarter only  (Prerequisite: LING 200** )
  3. Five credits minimum from the following course list:
    • BCMS 410: Intensive Third-Year Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language
    • SLAVIC 110: Introduction to Slavic Linguistics: Slavs and Their Tongues
    • SLAVIC 130: Introduction to Slavic Culture and Civilizations
    • SLAVIC 210: Introduction to Bilingualism
    • SLAVIC 370: What is in a Language Name?  The Case of Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian
    • SLAV 425: Ways of Meaning: Universal & Cultural Aspects of Language
    • SLAV 426: Ways of Feeling: Expression of Emotion across Languages & Cultures
    • SLAV 470: Special Topics in Slavic Linguistics
    • SLAV 481: Study Abroad (see adviser)

Minor in Russian and Slavic Literatures

  1. RUSS 322, 323 (May be taken in any order)
  2. Fifteen credits minimum from the following course list:
  • BCMS 420: Literature of the Former Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Successor States
  • CZECH 420: Topics in Czech Literature
  • POLSH 320: Introduction to Contemporary Polish Culture
  • POLSH 420: Topics in Polish Literature
  • RUSS 210: From Paganism to Christianity: Medieval Russian Mythology, Literature, and Culture
  • RUSS 221: Contemporary Russian Literature
  • RUSS 223: Russian Cinema
  • RUSS 230: Masterpieces of Russian Literature
  • RUSS 240: Vladimir Nabokov
  • RUSS 324: Russian Folk Literature in English
  • RUSS 420: Topics in Russian Literary and Cultural History
  • RUSS 421: Post-Soviet Literary and Cultural Scene
  • RUSS 422: Russian Literature in Emigration and Exile
  • RUSS 423: Russian Film
  • RUSS 424: Topics in Ethnicity and Cultural Identity
  • RUSS 425: Russian Drama
  • RUSS 426: Russian Art and Architecture
  • RUSS 427: Russian Jewish Experience
  • RUSS 430: Major Authors
  • RUSS 490: Studies in Russian Literature (credits vary)
  • SLAV 223: East European Cinema
  • SLAV 320: The Other Europe: Post-World War II East European Fiction
  • SLAV 323: Masterpieces of East European Cinema
  • SLAV 423: East European Film
  • SLAV 490: Studies in Slavic Literatures (credits vary)
  • UKR 420: Literature, Film, and Culture of Ukraine
  • No more than 5 credits from the following may also apply:  RUSS 110, RUSS 120