Alumni and Annual Outreach Events


Maslenitsa is the equivalent in Slavic cultures of Fat Tuesday. As a Christian festival, it marks the last week before the beginning of Lent, but its origins are a pagan sun festival, the beginning of the end of winter. The Slavic Department celebrates it every year, late in winter quarter, with mounds of the traditional pancakes as our language students sing, perform skits and teach us about the rituals of spring in Slavic cultures.

Contact: Lani Phillips

World Languages Day

World Languages Day is a University of Washington Educational Outreach Program for K-12 educators and students, organized annually to show high school juniors and seniors the opportunities the UW provides for learning the languages and becoming familiar with the cultures of our neighbors in a rapidly shrinking world. The Slavic Department participates every year with sample language classes and presentations on subjects ranging from Polish Customs to Russian Superstitions, Czech Castles, and Bulgarian Authenticity. Schools need to register to bring a group.

Contact: (888) 469-6499