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Undergraduate Programs

What is Slavic Languages & Literatures?

Students in the Slavic Languages & Literatures program study the languages and cultures of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union in a global context. They develop an exceptional understanding of a complex region recognized for its international influence.

The University of Washington offers one of the most comprehensive Slavic Languages & Literatures programs in the nation. We extend the study of language and culture to include cinema, graphic novels and political positions in addition to national traditions and essential literature. Our programs include language studies and/or cultural surveys for the countries of Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia; Bulgaria; the Czech Republic and Slovakia; Poland; Romania; Russia; Slovenia; and Ukraine.

Why study Slavic Languages & Literatures?

By studying Slavic languages and cultures, you will gain more than proficiency in another language. You’ll transform your view of the world, and you’ll develop the skills and confidence to find success across the globe. Our program offers distinctive learning opportunities that benefit our students:

  • Classes taught by nationally acclaimed faculty known for both their leading scholarship and their student-centered approach to teaching
  • Close ties to the Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies at the Jackson School of International Studies, increasing resources available to you
  • Connections to local and global Slavic communities so you can assess linguistic, cultural and political differences in a global context firsthand
  • Events including lectures, festivals and film screenings that share and celebrate the many cultures, creeds and national traditions represented in our department

What programs do we offer for undergraduates?

How do you major in Russian or Eastern European Languages & Literatures?

The Slavic Languages & Literatures majors are open. Students in good academic standing may declare either major at any time by meeting with the undergraduate advisor. Learn more about applying to the University as an incoming first-year studenttransfer student, or postbaccalaureate student.

How do you meet with a Slavic Languages & Literatures Advisor?

Please contact an advisor to book an appointment. We are happy to meet with you!