Statement of Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Submitted by Lani Phillips on

We in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Washington, where we often teach, side by side, Russian and Ukrainian linguistics, literature, and culture, are outraged by the shameless and brutal invasion of Putin's forces into a sovereign country. Several of us are from the former Soviet Union, with families who were affected by the worst atrocities of the Stalin regime, and there is no doubt that Putin has been trying for years now to imitate his dictatorial idol. While the events in Ukraine are utterly devastating, we are heartened by mass protests that are happening not just in Moscow and St. Petersburg but all over the Russian Federation. We are indeed all Ukrainians now. While we regret the loss of life on both sides of this battle, our fervent thoughts and hopes are with the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for their country with courage and dignity. We are also grateful to other Slavic and East European countries, Poland, Moldova, and Romania, for their willingness to shelter and help Ukrainian refugees. Peace and justice will prevail!

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