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Laada Bilaniuk photo
Adjunct Associate Professor (Anthropology)
Valeriy Goloborodko, Slavic Department Advisory Board member
Advisory Board Member/Honorary Consul of Ukraine for Washington and Oregon States
Teaching Assistant for RUSS 102
Advisory Board Member
Senior Lecturer
Affiliate Faculty, Shevchenko Society Fellow
Affiliate Associate Professor from University of Victoria



Title Date Time Location
DakhaBrakha "Earth" Live Film Score
Apr 23 7:30pm The Neptune Theater
Archipenko in the Crosshairs of the European Avant-Garde
Merek Wieczorek
Mar 2 7:00pm Frye Museum


Title Date Time Location
Christmas with Bria
Bria Blessing
Dec 8 9:15am Kane Hall
Ukrainian Film Days Mar 10 5:00pm Suzzallo/Allen Library, Allen Auditorium
Ukrainian Film Days Feb 11 5:00pm Suzzallo/Allen Library, Allen Auditorium
Ukrainian Film Days Jan 14 5:00pm Suzzallo/Allen Library, Allen Auditorium


Title Date Time Location
DakhaBrakha Sep 26 8:00pm The Neptune Theatre
Polish Ukrainian Concert and Fundraiser May 30 5:00pm Polish Cultural Center
Brothers in Arms Feb 14 2:00pm Seattle Public Library


Title Date Time Location
Barvinok Dance Ensemble 10th Anniversary Gala Concert Nov 30 4:00pm Kirkland Performance Center
Ukraine's EuroMaidan: Stories of Life in the Revolutionary Mode
Jennifer J. Carroll
Apr 8 6:00pm Miller 301
Ukraine's Euromaidan Jan 21 7:00pm Thomson 101


Title Date Time Location
Mirele Efros - מירעלה אפרת Dec 3 7:00pm Ethnic Cultural Theater
Ukraine Famine Commemoration Nov 24 3:00pm to 4:30pm Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall
Ukrainian Videopoetry Oct 16 6:00pm Denny Hall, Room 401
DakhaBrakha Oct 13 8:00pm Kirkland Performance Center
Ukrainian Studies Student/Faculty Pizza Lunch  Oct 4 12:00pm Savery Hall, Room 408
50 HEARTBREAKS (AND I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOUkraine) Oct 1 to Oct 4 8:00pm Annex Theatre
Ukrainian folk singing workshop Sep 28 12:30pm to 3:30pm Dusty Strings