Career-Related Skills and Strengths

Employers are usually more interested in your skills and strengths than in your particular college major. In fact, since you will be qualified for many different career paths, your biggest challenge might be narrowing down your options!  Here are some of the job skills valued by employers that Slavic majors and minors acquire:

  • Read/interpret/synthesize complex material
  • See situations from multiple perspectives
  • Communicate in more than one language
  • Produce effective, persuasive writing
  • Write/revise for a wide variety of audiences
  • Understand and appreciate cultural variations
  • Design and implement engaging presentations
  • Understand nuance and subtlety
  • Handle ambiguity adeptly
  • Apply mental agility to creative problem solving
  • Understand the broader context
  • Summarize concisely and accurately
  • Link abstract concepts to practical applications
  • Perceive patterns, structures, relationships
  • Understand human nature and its variations
  • Identify and explore implications
  • Propose and support recommendations
  • Simultaneously see the big pictures and details
  • Engage intellectual curiosity
  • Conduct research
  • Bring motivation, imagination, enthusiasm, initiative
  • Compare/contrast information / Draw conclusions
  • Work well individually and on teams
  • Understand how data can be interpreted in multiple ways
  • Write, revise, edit, proofread

How you phrase the skills you develop while studying in our department is key for writing a strong resume and cover letter, and getting a job you will love.  The UW Career & Internship Center has several resources available to help you write an effective resume and cover letter, as well strategies and advice for the job search.  You should also check out our Translating Your Skills to Professional Resumes page, which will give you examples of how to translate your newly acquired skills into professional skills you can put on your resume.