SLAVIC 200 A: Introduction to Slavic Literature

Autumn 2023
TTh 1:30pm - 3:20pm / HRC 135
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Joint Sections:
GLITS 251 A , C LIT 251 A
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While wars seem “never ending, still beginning,” we seldom pay attention to what wisdom, if any, can be gleaned from how they are portrayed by poets and writers. While the genre of war literature, which ranges from eyewitness accounts of combat to the depictions of civilians caught in the crossfire, has had many practitioners over the centuries, our readings will include works by David Diop (France), Bertolt Brecht (Germany), Anna Świrszczyńska (Poland), Yusef Komunyaaka (USA), Tarfia Faizullah (Bangladesh/USA), Don Mee Choi (Korea/USA), Serhiy Zhadan (Ukraine), among others. In addition to focusing on close-reading and comparative analysis of novels, short stories, hybrid works, and poetry, we will also examine various social, political, and cultural contexts to see if and how they might have impacted the authors under discussion. All readings are in English. No prerequisites. F23 War Literature syllabus -1.docx

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Introduces major Slavic literary works of different types (stories, novels, poetry), mostly from the twentieth- and twenty-first century, focusing on the intense "close reading" of these texts that identifies their main literary features. Taught in English.
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Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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