Cyrus Rodgers selected for UW-University of Ljubljana exchange in 2015

Submitted by Susanna J Westen on

As part of UW’s long-standing annual exchange of faculty and senior graduate students with the University of Ljubljana, in 2015 UW will send a record three faculty and one PhD student to Ljubljana to give lectures, participate in seminars, and collaborate in joint research projects with their Ljubljana counterparts.

The UW PhD student selected this year is Cyrus Rodgers (Slavic Languages and Literatures), who will consult with faculty in four departments - Slovene, Slavic Languages, Comparative Literature, and Art History – in connection with his interdisciplinary study of expressions of trauma in contemporary Slovene literature and visual arts.

The three UW faculty visiting Ljubljana this year for research visits of two weeks, each, will be Prof. James Clauss (Classics), Prof. Gregory Ettl (Forest Resources) and Prof. Daniel Winterbottom (Landscape Architecture).  Each year’s participants are selected by a UW faculty committee of five, judging applications submitted in December of the previous year.

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