New Polish Culture Podcast

Submitted by Chris Dawson-Ripley on

The Slavic Department recently recieved the notice below and wanted to pass this along


I wanted to let you know about the launch of a brand-new podcast series. It talks about Polish culture in a format that’s never been done before, in a way that we know your students have been wanting to hear. We’ve been developing it for over a year, with a few sleepless nights along the way, and we’re finally ready to say that we think you might like it!


It’s called Stories From The Eastern West and it's an audio documentary series that reveals hidden history from Central and Eastern Europe. Like the bear who fought in World War II, the origins of one of David Bowie's iconic songs, and the Rolling Stone's only gig behind the Iron Curtain.


Have a listen! We hope you’ll find it a fun way of making your students understand this part of the world better.

You can listen and subscribe to it on iTunes / Apple Podcasts - click the image below!

 If iTunes isn’t your thing, visit to listen and sign up for updates:

If you like it, make sure to subscribe and give us a rating on iTunes or share it with your friends and students.


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Wojciech Oleksiak & the SFTEW team