Anonymous donor agrees to match donations to the UW’s Roma Boniecka-Anna Cienciala Endowment for Slovene Studies, up to $50,000

Submitted by Chris Dawson-Ripley on

Beginning December 21, 2017, all new donations to the University of Washington’s Roma Boniecka-Anna Cienciala Endowment for Slovene Studies up to a total of $50,000 will be matched one-to-one, up to maximum total combined contributions of $100,000, thanks to a generous offer from a private sponsor.  This means that your donation of $500, for example, will automatically trigger an equal contribution by the sponsor, resulting in a combined contribution to the UW Slovene Endowment of $1,000 – and so on, until we reach $100,000 in combined contributions and come within striking range of our near-term goal for the Endowment of $300,000.


Revenue from the Boniecka/Cienciala Endowment for Slovene Studies funds the UW-University of Ljubljana Scholars Exchange, which has been in operation since 1979. Each year the Exchange supports up to six new, distinct research and teaching collaborations between UW scholars and their counterparts in Slovenia in a wide range of disciplines, from health sciences, law, social work and biology to economics, political science, landscape architecture, art history, English, Slavic languages and literatures, and much more.  As the UW Slovene Endowment grows thanks to your contribution, it will also begin to support summer intensive language study, field work, and research in Slovenia by qualified UW students; help the UW Libraries acquire new books, journals, and e-resources in Slovene studies for our first-ranked collection; and support Slovene Studies at UW in a variety of other ways.


Please help us take full advantage of this unique opportunity.  You can help strengthen the UW-Ljubljana Scholars Exchange and make UW collaborations with top Slovene scholars and scientists a permanent and wide-reaching feature of the UW landscape by going to and selecting the Roma Boniecka-Anna Cienciala Endowment for Slovene Studies to make your contribution.


Thank you, and happy holidays, vesele praznike.