Undergraduate Major Joshua Swynenburg Participates in Internship Abroad... From Home!

Submitted by Lani Phillips on

Although the pandemic remains in full effect, that is not stopping undergraduate Russian major Joshua Swynenburg from finding new ways to improve his language skills--in all of the languages he speaks!  Using the recommended social distancing to his advantage, Joshua found a way to return to Spain, without leaving his home in Washington.  Currently interning for La Asociación Musical y Cultural del Sol, a musical nonprofit in Seville, his boss and coworkers are in Seville and he works with them via Zoom.  Since they don't speak English, Joshua has noticed how much his Spanish-speaking skills have improved over the summer.  But he hasn't forgotten the Slavic languages either.  Although not completing an internship in a Slavic country, he continues studying Russian at home, and has recently begun studying Romanian online!

To hear from Joshua himself about his experience "returning" to Spain to be an intern, be sure to check out the bilingual blog post he wrote for CIEE.