Slovenska miza / Slovene Table

Slovenska miza / Slovene Table is comprised of approximately 50 members who live in the greater Seattle area in the State of Washington. We are for the most part relatively recent migrants of the younger generations, although we have some members who are second or third generation Slovene Americans. We also welcome as members anyone interested in Slovene language and culture. Our association includes members who hold influential positions in business, the professions, academia and other spheres of employment. Among other things the association provides a venue for professional networking and information exchange. Some of our members have short or long term plans to return and work in Slovenia. Others are interested in collaboration with our homeland in professional areas, culture and science. We are putting much effort into maintaining Slovene language and culture within the greater Seattle community, which is particularly important for those of us who are raising families. We also promote Slovenia as a tourist destination.

Our society often works in partnership with the University of Washington Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures to organize cultural events, maintain Slovene language and raise the general profile of a small but remarkable country that has much in common with the Puget Sound Region.

As an association we try to reach out to those Slovenes who have recently moved here and help them adjust to their new American environment.

Alenka Jaklic, President
Slovenska miza c/o Brooks
16415 NE 96th Place
Redmond, WA 98073
Tel.: 425-869-2407

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