Slavic and East European Blog

Submitted by Chris Dawson-Ripley on

The Ohio State University SEEJ (Slavic and East European Journal) has launched the Slavic and East European Blog.

They are currently soliciting submissions from graduate students and junior faculty of 500-1000 word essays, interviews and translations. They particularly encourage graduate students to use the blog to gain publishing experience.

Blog posts will be SEEJ editor-reviewed and have the distinction of being featured on the website of a well-established academic journal. SEEB posts will be organized into themes that change every three months. They are currently accepting submissions for any of the themes listed below: ·
• Autumn 2017 (October-December) The Russian Revolution
• Winter 2018 (January-March) Media During the Era of Vladimir Putin
• Spring 2018 (April-June) Multiethnicity and Religious-Cultural Identity in the Russian Federation and the Former Soviet Republics
• Summer 2018 (July-September) Ivan Turgenev: 200th Anniversary

Information on submitting can be found here