Affiliate Professor Eugene Lemcio Continues His Research in Retirement

Submitted by Lani Phillips on

Dr. Eugene Lemcio, Affiliate Professor, continues researching post retirement. This past March he published a new book, entitled The Way of the Lord: Plotting St. Luke’s Itinerary. A Pedagogical Aid (Wipf and Stock, 2020), in which he observes that Polish and Ukrainian versions of Scripture are among translations that render the Greek ΑΦΕΣΙΣ as “letting go” or “release” (odpuszczenie and відпущення, respectively), and notes that dynamics of “forgiveness” are more evident in them than in English Bibles.  More information about the book can be found on the Wipf and Stock webpage.

Dr. Lemcio has also critically reviewed Andrii Danylenko's From the Bible to Shakespeare: Pantelejmon Kulish (1819-1897) and the Formation of Literary Ukrainian.  His review, which also makes suggestions for further research, appears in Наукові Записки: Серія Богослов'я ["Academic Texts. Series Theology, The Ukrainian Catholic University]. 5 (Lviv: 2018) 209–13.  You can find the review on Dr. Lemcio's listings page.