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Title Date Time Meeting Location
Unexpected alternations in some Russian hard (labial) open full-stems
Nathan Marks
Jan 8 2:30pm A216 Padelford


Title Date Time Meeting Location
The Non-Universality of Metaphorical Extensions of smell: Lexical Semantics and Cultural Values
Professor Katarzyna Dziwirek
Oct 16 3:30pm 301 Miller Hall
Lexical Conflict: The Difficulties of Establishing Lexical Equivalence
Professor Danko Sipka, Arizona State University
Jun 4 3:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities


Title Date Time Meeting Location
Slavic Linguistics Society Conference Sep 19 to Sep 21 12:30pm to 5:00pm Walter Chapin Simpson Center for Humanities
Slavic Graduate Colloquium
Bojan Belić
Jan 24 2:30pm M261 Smith Hall


Title Date Time Meeting Location
The State of Sociolinguistic Research in Bulgaria
Dr. Angel Angelov, Fulbright Lecture, UW Slavic Languages & Literatures
Oct 11 3:30pm Miller 301