Dr. Ron LeBlanc, Alum and Affiliate Professor, Publishes New Translation

Submitted by Lani Phillips on

Affiliate Professor and alum, Dr. Ron LeBlanc, has recently completed a translation of Boris Pilnyak's U.S. travelogue: O'kei: An American Novel (1933).  The translation, which is the first complete English-language translation,  is available to readers in both an annotated and non-annotated version.  It is accompanied by an essay by Dr. LeBlanc, who seeks to acquaint readers with the reception that Pilnyak’s American travelogue received in the Soviet press at the time of its publication, as well as its subsequent scholarly treatment by academics in both the former Soviet Union and the United States.

The translation can be found in the UNH Scholars Repository, in both the non-annotated and annotated version.

Be sure to check it out!