Daniel Waugh and Claudia Jensen Publish New Book

Submitted by Lani Phillips on

Daniel Waugh (Professor Emeritus), Claudia Jensen (Affiliate Instructor), Ingrid Maier (Professor Emeritus, Uppsala University), and Stepan Shamin (Russian Academy of Sciences) are pleased to announce the publication of their joint work, Russia’s Theatrical Past: Court Entertainment in the Seventeenth Century, as part of Indiana University Press’s Russian Music Series (2021). The international research, carried out by scholars from the U.S., Sweden, and Russia, was sponsored by a NEH Collaborative Research Grant, which allowed the authors to access archives in Russia and throughout Western Europe. The work focuses on music and theater at the Russian court in the 1670s, during the reign of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich, as well as the musical and theatrical experiences of Russian diplomats abroad, particularly in Italy.

The book is available to purchase on the Indiana University Press website.