Assistant Professor Sasha Senderovich Awarded Funding for New Collaborative Translation Project

Submitted by Lani Phillips on

Assistant Professor Sasha Senderovich, a scholar of Soviet and post-Soviet Jewish literature and culture, recently received funding from the Simpson Center at the University of Washington for a yearlong project on “Institutionalizing Undergraduate Translation Curricula.”

The $20,000 award, announced in May 2022 and for which Senderovich is a co-Primary Investigator along with faculty Nancy Bou Ayash of the English Department and Aria Fani of the Near Eastern Languages & Civilization Department, will build on the work of a three-year Simpson Center grant that created the UW Translation Studies Hub. The focus of the new project will extend the essential work of centering the study and the practice of translation at UW to the university’s undergraduate curriculum.

Among other programs, this academic year 2022-2023 project will convene workshops for faculty in Humanities and Social Sciences to design syllabi and/or instructional modules that center translation in courses specific to the disciplines from which the participants come. Senderovich, Ayash, and Fani plan to work not only with faculty members from foreign literature fields but also from the fields of humanistic social sciences like anthropology and history, among others, where the awareness about teaching translated sources can be further elevated at the undergraduate level.

Announcements about these funded initiatives, inviting interested faculty to apply, will circulate in the coming weeks.