GLITS People

Housed in the Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures, GLITS classes are taught by literature and language faculty from all over the Humanities Division. GLITS is managed by its Steering Committee and advised by a large Advisory Board.

GLITS Steering Committee

  • Headshot of Gordana Crnkovic
    Professor and Chair, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures; Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media Studies

    GLITS Founding Member
  • Headshot of Donald Gilbert-Santamaria
    Associate Professor and Chair, Spanish and Portuguese Studies
  • Headshot of Chris Hamm
    Professor of Asian Languages and Literature
  • Headshot of Gary Handwerk
    Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Director, UW Program on the Environment

    GLITS Founding Member
  • Headshot of Lauren Poyer
    Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Scandinavian Studies
  • Headshot of Naomi Sokoloff
    Professor and Chair, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

    GLITS Founding Member
  • Headshot of Brian Reed
    Divisional Dean of Humanities; Milliman Endowed Chair in the Humanities

    (serving ex oficio)

GLITS Advisory Board