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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

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  • Doubivko, Elena A.  Reclaiming the Rusalka: Towards Multiplicities of Gender in Russian Literary and Visual Culture, 2013. Learn more
  • Kufeldt, Elyse. The Russian Diaspora from a Female Perspective: Analyzing the Lives and Works of Nadehda Teffi and Nina Berberova. Honors Thesis, 2012. Learn more
  • Schuckman, Emily E. Representations of the prostitute in contemporary Russian literature and film. Diss., 2008. Learn more
  • Valentina Zaitseva. "Gender and National Identity through Russian Language." Chapter 1 in Helena Goscilo and Andrea Lanoux, eds. Engendering the Nation: A Cross-Disciplinary Examination of Gender and National Identity in Russian Culture. Indian UP, 2006. Learn more
  • Edwards, Pamela. The Stepmother Syndrome in Russian Wonder Tales. Honors Thesis, 1996. Learn more
  • Harper, Amanda. The Universal Hut: Girls' Transformaiton in Initiation Rituals and in the A-T 480 Type Magic Tales. Honors Thesis, 1996. Learn more
  • Colbath, Christopher. Psyche and the Lieutenant's Wife: the Divine Feminine in the Works of Ivanov and Bely. Honors Thesis, 1993. Learn more
  • Hansen, Julie. Gost' nenuzhnyi v mire etom, neizvestnyi solovei: The Roots of a Female Poetic Tradition in Russia. Honors Thesis, 1992. Learn more