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Life in the 
US Ambassador to Turkmenistan Allan Mustard
Nov 20 1:30pm UW HUB 238
Security Challenges and Opportunities for NATO, Romania and the US in Eastern Europe
The Romanian Ambassador to the US, George Maior
Nov 9 6:00pm HUB 332
Ukraine Workshop at "Religious Literacy for Diplomats: A Curriculum Workshop"
Eugene Lemcio
Jun 2 9:45am Smith Room, Suzzallo Library
 Ellison Memorial Lecture: 2017, The Year that Should Shed Light on Both Russia's Past and Future
Maria Lipman
Feb 24 6:00pm Kane Hall 225


Title Date Time Location
Trump, Putin, and Russia:  What's that all about
Carol J. Williams
Nov 1 6:30pm Thomson Hall 101
Q&A about Russia today
Jill Dougherty
Jan 25 4:00pm A216 Padelford


Title Date Time Location
Brothers in Arms Feb 14 2:00pm Seattle Public Library


Title Date Time Location
Ukraine's Euromaidan Jan 21 7:00pm Thomson 101