Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The Zagreb School of Animation and the Unperfect. (2018) Adviser: Gordana Crnković 20th Century, Balkan Studies, Bosnian Croatian Montenegrin Serbian, Culture, East European, Visual Arts
The Socialist Punk and New Wave of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union (2017) Adviser: Gordana Crnković 20th Century, Music, Popular Culture, Slavic
Mother Tongue Matters (2016) Adviser: Katarzyna Dziwirek 20th Century, Bosnian Croatian Montenegrin Serbian
Reclaiming the Rusalka (2013) Adviser: José Alaniz Film/Cinema, Folklore and Mythology, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Literature, Russian
Language, Cognition, and Manipulation in Advertising Discourse (2013) Veronika Egorova
Adviser: Katarzyna Dziwirek
Linguistics, Russian, Slavic
M.A. thesis on Slovene post-communist reconcilation (2011) Adviser: Michael E. Biggins 20th Century, History, Political Science, Slovene
A Constructive Grammar Approach to Russian Reflexives (2011) Adviser: Katarzyna Dziwirek Linguistics, Russian, Slavic
Representations of the prostitute in contemporary Russian literature and film (2008) Adviser: José Alaniz Film/Cinema, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Literature, Russian, Slavic
The Pulse of Time: Immortality and the Word in the Poetry of Arsenii Tarkovskii (2005) Adviser: James West Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Russian, Slavic
Czech clitic placement (2004) Adviser: Herbert Coats Czech-Slovak, Linguistics, Slavic
The absent father, the permanent son and the paternal state: Patterns of national narrative in the post-totalitarian films of Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Cuba (2001) Adviser: Gordana Crnković Czech-Slovak, Film/Cinema, Polish, Russian, Slavic, West European
Sacrificing the intelligentsia: Paradigms of spiritual renewal in Bely and Babel (2000) Adviser: James West Literature, Slavic
The Lemko and Slavic palatalizations - An acoustic and perceptual approach to historical phonology (2000) Adviser: Herbert Coats Comparative Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Linguistics, Slavic
It's Alive!: Grammatical animacy in Russian, Polish, and Czech (1999) Adviser: Katarzyna Dziwirek Comparative Linguistics, Czech-Slovak, Historical Linguistics, Linguistics, Polish, Russian, Slavic
A quantitative and lexical analysis of genitive/accusative variation in Russian (1998) Adviser: Herbert Coats Linguistics, Russian, Slavic
Discontinuous case in Russian number phrases: an analysis under generalized phrase structure grammar (1998) Adviser: Herbert Coats Linguistics, Russian, Slavic
Russian as spoken by the Crimean Tatars (1997) Adviser: Herbert Coats Linguistics, Russian, Slavic
Igor Stravinsky, Nikolai Roerich, and the healing power of paganism. "The Rite of Spring" as ecstatic ritual of renewal for the Twentieth Century (1997) Adviser: James West Music, Russian, Slavic, Visual Arts, Visual Culture
Word production in Russian. An examination of Nonce words, borrowings, child language, and folk etymology (1997) Adviser: James E. Augerot Linguistics, Russian, Slavic
Exile, alienation, and the cultural other in the works of Timur Pulatov and Chingiz Aitmatov (1996) Adviser: Galya Diment Culture, Literature, Russian, Slavic
Design and Materials for an Electronic Textbook for First-Year Russian (1996) Adviser: Herbert Coats Language Pedagogy, Russian, Slavic
National solutions to cultural decline in Russian, Polish and German literature at the end of the Great War: Russian Scythianism, Waclaw Berent's Living Stones, and Thomas Mann's Reflections (1996) Adviser: James West 20th Century, Literature, Polish, Russian, Slavic
Iconoclasm or Iconography? The Death of the "Other" in Lev Tolstoy's Prose (1996) Adviser: Galya Diment Literature, Russian, Slavic
How "Authentic" was Russian Neo-Classicism?: A Re-Examination of the Sources and Dissemination of Classical Knowledge in Russia and the Problem of Literary Taste (1995) Adviser: James West Literature, Russian, Slavic
A Recognition Model of Russian Morphology (1994) Adviser: Herbert Coats Linguistics, Russian, Slavic